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Stability at the smallest molecular level

Special joining technology processes

Inductive soldering is a special joining technology process for inseparable material-coherent
to create connections. An inductor generates an electromagnetic field, and this field is then used specifically to produce the material, which must be electrically conductive
warm up. The inductor is positioned precisely over the area to be heated before the process is started. The process temperature is reached very quickly and is monitored, controlled and maintained using measurement technology.

The special feature of inductive soldering is that the working area is heated evenly and quickly. This is achieved using the electromagnetic field; the adjacent base material is not changed in the process.

The induction process principle is also used in other areas such as annealing, hardening, bonding and melting.

Your benefits with inductive soldering

  • High and consistent soldering quality due to constant heat input
  • Diverse options for joining different materials
  • High strength of the connections
  • Short process times due to high energy density
  • Accurate repeatability
  • High reproducibility
  • Significantly more economical compared to conventional soldering

Comparison between conventional soldering and inductive soldering

The process of conventional soldering requires more time compared to inductive soldering
soldering. The prepared workpiece is laboriously heated by the solder by hand with a burner through a flame. In this case, the solder must ensure uniform heating of the
Pay attention to the workpiece in order to meet the quality requirements of the soldered connection.

At inductive soldering There is no need to manually handle the burner, the heating is carried out specifically through mechanical processing (an inductor) and ensures uniform and rapid heating of the workpiece. Induction heating reduces process time and increases productivity.

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