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Precise drilling technology for complex civil engineering projects

About the
drilling process

The overlay drilling process (similar to double head drilling process) has only one rotary drive and only one rotary drilling direction.

Our imhole drills and solid drill screws are used for this purpose. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to further optimize the production of our spare parts so that we can provide you with drilling tools that are particularly durable and stable.

We specialize in drilling with external piping and ring drill bit, which primarily uses a solid drill bit in the inner rod.

We can help you with this

  • Imloch drill replacement
  • Delivery of screw drills and other spare parts
  • Material advice
  • Manufacture and delivery of the appropriate drill head
  • Driller advice on drilling and soil conditions

Depending on the materials being drilled, the hardness of the material can be a challenge. Hard material often requires special drills and explicit expertise. We are here to assist you as a reliable partner.

Our products

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