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Individually according to your specifications

CNC milling in a nutshell

CNC milling is an advanced processing method in which computer-controlled milling machines make high-precision cuts into workpieces. This technology has a wide range of applications in special civil engineering.

The automated process guarantees the exact implementation of designs and enables the production of complex shapes and structures.

Applications in Special civil engineering

Our CNC milling services in specialist civil engineering include the production of tailor-made components for drilling equipment, high-precision connections for steel structures and the production of specialized components for tunnel and bridge construction.

CNC milling is a key technology in civil engineering and special civil engineering. Precisely manufactured components such as drilling tools, carriers, pipe connections and wear parts are produced through this advanced process. The precise manufacturing technology not only ensures the efficiency, but also the durability and performance of components in drilling operations.

Benefits of CNC milling

Our CNC milling services in specialist civil engineering enable the ideal implementation of your application. From individual components to series production, we stand for the highest quality and efficiency. Rely on our experience and highly specialized technology for precise results in specialist civil engineering.

  • dimensional accuracy
  • efficiency
  • versatility
  • Series production possible
  • Complex geometries can be implemented
  • Reduced waste and therefore lower material costs
  • Quick prototyping


max. width: up to 800 mm
max. depth: up to 500 mm
max. height: up to 450 mm

SolidWorks 2024

We work with the latest 3D CAD software on the market! This enables us to create a 3D image of the component in just a few steps, then directly generate the manufacturing program and transfer all parameters to the machine.

The advantage?

It saves a lot of programming work and therefore time and money. A simulation can be carried out in advance whether the generated program works and how long it takes.

You need more help?

Spare parts delivered worldwide with our courier service within a very short time!