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high pressure injection


High-pressure injection process (HDI) — drilling process with complete soil replacement

About the
high pressure injection drilling process

This drilling process is also known as jet blasting (DSV) and differs between 1x HDI, 2x HDI and 3x HDI.

In these 3 methods, soil is replaced or mixed and a concrete column or concrete body is created in various forms and functions at different depths. By adding air, a larger column diameter is achieved (2x/3x HDI).

This drilling process is used, among other things, to improve soil stability and to support foundations. The flushing medium is added above the rinse head, which emerges from the nozzle in the monitor at very high pressure to remove the soil material.

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We can provide you with the most important spare parts for this special process. You can get these parts from us:

  • drill heads
  • drill pipes
  • seals and valves
  • injection pump
  • filters and strainers
  • Material advice
  • Increasing drilling efficiency
  • Slack boxes

With the latest technology and an experienced team, we offer you all equipment and
High-pressure injection drilling components. With our help, you can in any project
achieve optimal results.

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