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Machine park

Maximum power for ideal results

About our machine park

The machinery of our ultra-modern production plant comprises 45 machines and is constantly growing. In March 2024, this will be expanded to include a newly developed welding robot. With this variety of specialized machines for various processing stages, we produce More than 200,000 parts per year for drilling tools and drilling systems in the field of special civil engineering. We manufacture with precision and efficiency in our machinery well over 5,000 various parts that lead to the highest standards in the industry.

With our machinery, we are able to carry out processing in the areas of Milling, Turning, welding, sawing, drilling and heat treatments to carry out.

The heart of our production — our friction welding system

With the help of our friction welding system, a wide variety of materials can be welded together without the need for additional welding additives or protective gases. This enables extremely precise and efficient connection of parts, resulting in high-quality and durable end products.

Grafik Rohr Bohrrohr Zipp Industries

We can friction-weld these pipes:

  • Standard diameter of
    51 mm to 177.8 mm
  • Lengths from 0.5 m to 6.0 m
  • Special dimensions upon request

Processing & production

Our extensive machine park enables the precise manufacture of drilling equipment for special civil engineering. With advanced milling and turning machines, we produce complex workpieces, while our welding machines ensure robust connections. This enables the production of individual components and efficient series production.

Our expertise covers the production of drill bits, drill pipes and accessories. We specialize in meeting customer-specific requirements, whether it is the development of high-precision drill bits or the production of individual components. By integrating the latest technologies into our machinery, we can order a wide range of
Realize complexity and scope.

From individual production to series production, we are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our ultra-modern manufacturing machines, combined with an experienced team, enable us to implement projects efficiently and qualitatively at the highest level.


Our milling machines enable precise processing of workpieces for special civil engineering. Here, complex shapes, threads and surfaces are milled with the highest precision to produce the best quality products for our drilling equipment.


With our lathes, we produce precisely rotationally symmetrical workpieces, according to the most precise customer specifications. This process makes it possible to produce components with different shapes and diameters.


Our welding machines play an important role in the processing process. Our trained welders work with the latest equipment. Particularly efficient are
the friction welding system and the welding robot.


With our saws, we can process a wide variety of geometries and dimensions, and we specialize in sawing metallic materials. Our
After loading with material, semi-automatic bandsaw processes the programmed orders one after the other.


Our drills are used in a variety of ways. On the one hand, we use this to make the connecting holes for our drill rods. On the other hand, this creates the carbide holes on our drill bits.


Other machine tools are used to refine our manufactured products, such as grinding machines for material removal, annealing systems for heat treatment, plasma and gas burners for shaping.

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