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double head


Efficient drilling with the double-head drilling process

About the
drilling process

When using the double-head drilling process, a drilling system is used which uses separately coordinated drilling tools, which is driven by a rotary drill drive, a percussion drill drive or a rotary impact drill drive. As a rule, the drilling process rotates in opposite directions between outer and inner pipes.

On the inside, a hammer drill pipe is used, which is driven by a hydraulic hammer drill, which is located above the rotary drive. The outside is usually worked with a smooth frame, which is driven by the rotary drive. The outer and inner rods rotate in opposite directions of rotation.

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  • Outer tubes straight rods for rotary drilling
  • Inner tubes with impact rods
  • Imlochhammer
  • hydraulic hammer drill
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Preparation or replacement of drill heads

The benefits of Dual head drilling

Overall, the double-head drilling process is an effective way to speed up drilling tasks, increase productivity and achieve precise results. It has established itself as a valuable technique in specialist civil engineering, and benefits from its versatility and efficiency.

Since two drill heads are used, the tools are subject to increased wear. The drill heads must be regularly maintained, refurbished or replaced to maintain the efficiency and quality of drilling.

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drill string

The graphic shows a double-headed drill string with additional parts in blue.

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